Sunday, 24 March 2013

Monel valves in petrochemical applications and... trumpets?

Monel valves in petrochemical and trumpets?

Did you know that the main two end uses of monel valves are world apart?  One of the main uses of valves made of monel is in the petrochemical industry.  Monel valves are particularly useful in oxygen service, as well as marine service in combination with aluminium bronze.  This corrosion resistant alloy is of particular use in alkylation processes where hydrofluoric acid eats through most metals, bar monel and hastelloy.

Monel valves are also used in.... trumpets!  Monel valves don't require being oiled frequently since oil evaporates faster on stainless steel compared to monel.  The drawback: price!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Titanium valves: the link between the petrochemical and motorsports industries

Did you know that titanium valves are used both in petrochemical applications as well as in motorsports and aviation?  Valves made of titanium are ideal for certain acid applications in petrochemical processes; titanium is inert in some acid environments and the use of titanium valves ensures that the material doesn't react to the medium flowing through the valve.

Valve in titanium alloy
Valve made of titanium for nitric acid application
Weight is not an issue in the petrochemical industry, though titanium valves tend to weigh around half the weight of their stainless steel counterparts.  Weight, on the other hand, is a key issue in both motorsports as well as aviaion, though reaction to acid content isn't a concern here.  Titanium is great for motorsports, since less weight means more flexibility for manufacturers.  This, too, is true in aviation, with an added bonus: titanium has a very high tensile strength compared to stainless steels, and it also very brittle.  Fissures are therefore easier to detect before they become a serious problem.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Valves in duplex alloy

Valves made of duplex alloy are taken front and center stage at desalination plants.  We've noted a particular upswing in orders from Central and South-America, particularly in the development of new desalination plants and processes.

Valve made of duplex alloy; swing check configuration.

 We welcome this development and continue to serve our customers in this booming market!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Valves in Alloy 20 for corrosive petrochemical media

Valves in Alloy 20 for corrosive acid processes

The use of valves made of Alloy 20, such as A351 CN7M or B462 N08020, has shot up over the past few years. New applications have been found for Alloy 20 - sometimes identified as Carpenter 20 - which has proven relatively inert against high concentrations of nitric acid up to 60ºC, as well as heated though diluted oxide.  Alloy 20 valves can also be used in acetic acid alkali and diluted hydrochloric acid; they are also found in hydrofluoric acid applications (HF acid) at alkylation plants.

Valves made of Alloy 20
Alloy 20 gate valves from The Alloy Valve Stockist (Barcelona)

The Alloy Valve Stockist, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain,  is constantly expanding its inventory of Alloy 20 valves to include a wide range of gate, globe, check, ball and butterfly valves.  Plug valves are also available in Alloy 20 material.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Barça moves on to Champions League quarter finals after subduing Milan

What a spectacular game last night, and a priviledge to watch together with friends and industry colleagues!

Last night, Barça came back from a 2-goal away-field disadvantage to clinch a solid 4-0 homegame victory over Milan.  The two teams were playing the second leg of the final-sixteen-team Champions League.

Game was mesmerising!