Monday 18 March 2013

Valves in Alloy 20 for corrosive petrochemical media

Valves in Alloy 20 for corrosive acid processes

The use of valves made of Alloy 20, such as A351 CN7M or B462 N08020, has shot up over the past few years. New applications have been found for Alloy 20 - sometimes identified as Carpenter 20 - which has proven relatively inert against high concentrations of nitric acid up to 60ºC, as well as heated though diluted oxide.  Alloy 20 valves can also be used in acetic acid alkali and diluted hydrochloric acid; they are also found in hydrofluoric acid applications (HF acid) at alkylation plants.

Valves made of Alloy 20
Alloy 20 gate valves from The Alloy Valve Stockist (Barcelona)

The Alloy Valve Stockist, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain,  is constantly expanding its inventory of Alloy 20 valves to include a wide range of gate, globe, check, ball and butterfly valves.  Plug valves are also available in Alloy 20 material.

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